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prn Medical Transcription Services, Inc.In today's cost-conscious and rapidly-changing economy, every business is keeping an eye on the bottom line. Outsourcing transcription is just one way a medical practice can help improve that picture. Outsourcing has proven to be a cost effective means for getting many tasks accomplished.By outsourcing transcription with us, your work is done by some of the "best ears" in the business. Our team is accustomed to transcribing the most challenging dictators in medicinein all specialties. More importantly, you do not have to worry about personalities, sickness, equipment failure, supplies, benefits, hiring, trainingand the list goes on.prn Medical Transcription Services is a premier medical transcription service company "Specializing in Your Image." As an outsourcing solution we will fit your medical practice with the best digital dictation solution and assign one of our "best ears" in the business transcriptionist to your account. We will also customize your account to produce the most accurate and professional looking documents in healthcare. When you look good, we look good.Based in southwest Ohio, we have been providing transcription services to some of the most challenging accounts in the region for the last 15 yearsand making them look good. Our transcription solution now offers worldwide coverage. Whether you are in California, Texas, Arkansas or Ohio... we can provide the same great service that our local clients experience every day. Call now and ask for Chris Jessee. 937.293.0006With our team of experienced transcriptionists we are confident we can make you look good too!Outsourcing with us, you can expect: * An agreed upon line rate - No hidden costs. * Standard TAT of 24 hours with STAT services available. * 100% HIPAA compliant software allows for a safe and secure transfer of audio files and transcribed documents. * No capital investment required, no servers to buy, no recorders to purchase. * No additional charge technical support with remote assistance. * Document archival for a minimum of 5 years.