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About Enzymes, Inc. PDF Print E-mailWhile enzyme therapy may seem like a relatively new idea, it has actually been around since 1932. In that year Dr. Edward Howell - the true founder of nutritional enzyme therapy - introduced the first product in the extensive family of enzyme-based product lines now offered by Enzymes, Inc.Enzyme therapy has come a long way since 1932. Thousands of individuals have used our enzyme blends, some combined with herbs and other nutrients, to enhance digestion and assist with a wide variety of health concerns including: * Digestive complaints * Soft-tissue inflammation * Weakened immunityIn the process of using these highly effective products to treat their patients, practitioners have realized the financial benefits of adding enzyme therapy to their practices.Enzymes, Inc. currently has three professional lines of enzyme-based products. We're confident you'll find the right product or combination of products to meet the needs of your patients.More and more pratitioners are learning about the health and financial benefits of enzyme therapy. Please call us today and let us show you how Enzymes Work! For Better Patient health and Greater Practice Wealth.