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HemiData understands that your record systems don't begin or end with the sale of some software and a computer. We work hard every day to build systems that will provide your practice with the information that you need to care for your patients. We also recoginze that your medical practice is a business that needs to integrate these systems into how your practice operates. HemiData provides products and consulting services to help you and your practice create a system that works for your practice.

HemiData provides the products and services you need to be successful

HemiData EMR The HemiData EMR is a web centric medical records system that allows you to access your records when and where you need them. We provide several different options to meet the unique needs of your practice. Each provides you with the access, security and control that you need for your patient records.

We also recognize that every physician has a slightly different way that they approach patient care and the records that are generated by the patient encounter. Our flexible approach to creating solutions for your practice works to accomodate the needs of each physican and staff member in your office. We believe that the technology should conform to the needs of our clients, thereby making you more productive.

Supporting Applications HemiData provides your practice with the tools you need to be successful. We can provide a full range of products that will help you be successful as you move your practice into the electronic realm. We can provide hardware and software packages for your practice that will significantly ease the transitition. HemiData is also committed to helping you build a system that makes your practice successful.

Consulting Services Each practice is unique. HemiData provides consulting services to help your practice realize the benefits from the investments that you are making in the electronic age. Our consulting services provide the solutions to the unique needs of your practice. Our consultants help you realize the goals that you have for your practice.