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With more than 20 years of experience, Contemporary Design has helped to define the compression garment industry. Outstanding customer service, a complete line of compression garments, and our continuing dedication to improve our products are a benchmark for our success. Please visit to see our new line of Sculptures Compression Wear, which features new fabrics, improved fits via Body Scan technology and competitive pricing. Designed for immediate and extended use following liposuction, breast surgeries, abdominoplasty, and many other plastic surgery procedures, CDI’s compression garments include surgical bras, abdominal binders, compression girdles, breast bands, bodyshapers, men’s compression wear, face wraps and liposuction foam.


I received a post-op bra from my surgeon. The bra was so awesome, I order more online.


I was placed in a surgical bra after breast reduction surgery. Loved the bra I came home from surgery in. Of course, we need more than one, so we can launder them. Was so excited to find 1-800 phone number in bras, called was able to go then on line, and order bras. They were packaged on Monday and I received them Fedx Weds. It was so much easier than trying to go to specialty shops searching for the "right thing". I told my doctor on my follow up appointment that the phone number is in the bra, so I hope she passes this information on to new patients! Thank you so much for being here and relieving one layer of stress!!


For my upcoming surgical procedures (i.e., a brachioplasty and lipo of the flanks as well as inner thighs) I knew I needed a long-sleeved, below the knee compression garment. Yet I wanted something modern, well-made, and of high quality. Per a goggle search, I stumbled upon a post-surgical grade garment seeming to meet my needs as well as wants offered by Contemporary Design Inc. I called Contemporary Design Inc. and spoke with Debra. Debra exuded patience as I wondered aloud about my garment of interest's sizing and shipping options. Debra exuded knowledge, warmth, and professionalism while addressing all of my questions and concerns. She also did not pressure me in to anything. Thanks to Debra's skill sets, I ordered the compression garment, received it promptly, it fit true to size, and it has tremendously assisted me per my recovery process. In effect, Contemporary Design Inc. is outstanding in every way per iexemplary customer service and phenomenal products!


Awesome customer service! Always shipped on time!!


All of the staff members who assist me with our phone orders are wonderful! So glad to have found Contemporary Designs!


Every garment for every body part is available! Great customer service and fast shipping makes this an easy company to work with!


As a practice manager for a cosmetic surgery office, we require all of our patients to wear garments , the garments from MEDICO are the best! They fit so well and the quality is amazing. Their Customer service is also outstanding. I would recommend their product to anyone.