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The patented Epitome® Scalpel electrode uses a fine wire element at the edge of a non-conductive ceramic core to focus electrosurgical current at the edge of the blade. This construction results in clean dissection with minimal thermal injury. A published comparative histology study shows that Epitome yields significantly reduced thermal injury and fibroplasia compared to a standard electrosurgical tip incision. Providing the cutting precision exceeding that of a cold scalpel, healing results comparable to a cold scalpel, and hemostasis of the electrosurgical modality, only Epitome can potentially provide:
A reduction of thermal injury, which may reduce post-surgical pain and return-to-normal times for tonsillectomy and UPPP patients
The ability to use lower power settings compared to standard electrosurgical tips, to potentially reduce the hazards of electrosurgery and nerve and muscle twitch.

The OptiMicro™ Needle ultra-fine tip electrosurgical electrodes are designed to provide precise dissection without adverse thermal effects to yield excellent healing results for small-scale procedures. Because of their extremely sharp point, high current densities are achieved with very low power settings. Utah Medical Products designed and manufactures the OptiMicro Needle to exacting standards, providing the discerning surgeon with important clinical benefits:
Thermal tissue injury is virtually eliminated, allowing excellent healing results.
Output power settings are very low, minimizing nerve and muscle cell stimulation and stray electrosurgical currents.
Tungsten electrode withstands high current densities, and maintains sharpness throughout procedure.
Substantially reduces smoke plume and odor compared to standard blade geometry tips.