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Laser-Seal (TM) is an innovation in laser resurfacing that allows CO2 laser results with Erbium Laser recovery.

Developed by Bahman Guyuron, MD, who realized the need for an improved occlusive dressing for patients, Laser-Seal is a transparent occlusive silicone dressing with numerous benefits when compared to traditional adhesive tape dressings or ointments that are the standard following laser resurfacing.

The failure of tape dressings to adhere to and protect the skin surface, the cumbersome process of application, the invariable need for replacement of the tape the day after initial application and the inability to detect infection developing under the tape dressing were the impetus behind the invention of Laser-Seal.

Laser-Seal consists of silicone and a catalyst, each in a separate container. They are mixed in a cartridge while being delivered to the laser treated area using a specially designed applicator gun.